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NDImobilBID for silent auctions
May 28, 2014 - NDI launches NDImobilBID: bidding, billing and payment - the future of silent auctions.

NDI is happy to provide a variety of informational papers and industry insights for our clients and people within the various markets we serve. Here you will find topics in response to questions we have encountered related to our products and to the broader aspects of alumni relations, advancement, parent relations and other subjects within these major categories.

If you have questions or comments related to any of the material presented here, please contact us and share your thoughts.

Information Video: This short piece about Online Giving and Recurring Donations is full of facts and figures that will surprise you ...More

NDI Company Profile: This brief profile describes the company history and highlights the various products and modules currently offered. ...More

NDI Custom Skin Requirements: Some details on what should be supplied to have a custom "skin" applied to your systems. ...More

Improve On-Line Giving: Some basic tips on how to improve donations using on-line services. ...More

Articles Written by our Staff:
Dialogue Online #1     Dialogue Online #2

Facebook vs. Alumni Directory: Younger alumni are fascinated by social networking sites, and are active users of the recent phenomenon. Here are our thoughts on how an institution can have the best of both worlds. ...More

Yet Another Database: The utopian dream of running all the various functions within an educational institution from one database may not be as appealing in reality as it is in theory. This article poses another point of view some people may not want you to explore. ...More

Automatic Updates of Main Records: In this, the height of the information age when "share" has replaced "hoard" to describe information, why is it still so difficult in so many cases to move information from one database to another? NDI offers the following solutions. ...More

To Outsource or Not? Or Why Reinvent the Wheel?: NDI started working on our systems more than a decade ago and in that time we have initiated many new features and incorporate several upgrades on a weekly basis. For us, or anyone in our field, this is a full-time activity with a dedicated staff of IT professionals. Anyone considering a home-made version of an online directory should consider these points. ...More

NDI Advanced Mentoring: With the growing emphasis on mentor systems in today's schools and colleges, NDI has responded with two systems, one easily incorporated into our NDI Alumni program and the other as a custom-designed stand alone system. Find out if mentoring is right for your needs. ...More

NDI Brochure: A PDF version of our paper brochure used at Trade Shows. ...More
Broadcast Capabilities
Base systems feature a low-cost, easy to use broadcast system to quickly and easily communicate with members. An advanced mailing option permits HTML newsletters with dynamic templates, allows for attachments and readership tracking.
What Our Clients Say
"The school is able to keep track of alumni/ae whereabouts because manyremember to change their e-mail through Net Directories and we're then able to contact them to keep their other information current."

"We started an e-newsletter this year and send it through Net Directories. Our alums love it!"

Penny L. Arnold
Associate Director of Development and Alumni/ae Director
Grace Church School, New York, NY