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House Baseball Shirts
Quantity @ $30 (Cdn) per shirt
Shirt Size  
House Sweatpants
Quantity @ $35 (Cdn) per sweatpants
Sweatpants Size  
Soft Ringer Tee
Quantity @ $25.00 (Cdn) per shirt
T-Shirt Size  
Luggage Tag
Quantity @ $5.00 (Cdn) per luggage tag
House 1/4 zip sweatshirts
Quanity @ $45.00 (Cdn) per sweatshirt
Sweatshirt Size  
"I Remember CD" Music by UTS Alumni and Friends
Quantity @ $20.00 (Cdn) per CD
Sextus Est Discipulus Malus Enamel Pin (3/4")
Quantity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per pin
UTS Crest Enamel Pin (3/4")
Quanrity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per pin
Enamel Pin Combo
Quantity @ $18.00 (Cdn) per combo
UTS Logo Patch - 1.5" x 6.5" (Sew On)
Quantity @ $5.00 (Cdn) per patch
UTS Crest Patch - 4" x 4" (Sew On)
Quantity @ $5.00 (Cdn) per patch
Toque with Pom Pom
$ @ $15.00 (Cdn) per toque
Scarf - cozy, knit scarf with woven label.
Quantity @ $35.00 (Cdn) per scarf
Toque with Pom Pom and Scarf
$ @ $45.00 (Cdn) per combo
Phone Card Holder
$ @ $7.00 (Cdn) per phone card holder
Weekender Duffle Bag
$ @ $45.00 (Cdn) per bag
UTS Toque
Quantity @ $15.00 (Cdn) per toque
Scarf & Toque Combo
Quantity @ $45.00 (Cdn) per combo
UTS Pencil Case
This item was donated by UTSPA to UTS. 100% of the proceeds will go to the school

Quantity @ $5.00 (Cdn) per pencil case
Quantity @ $12.00 (Cdn) per pennant
UTS & House Pennant Combo
Quanity @ $20.00 (Cdn) per combo
Holiday Ornament
Quantity @ $15.00 (Cdn) per ornament
Silk Tie (For Grads only)
Quantity @ $35.00 (Cdn) per tie
Lapel Pin (7/8")
Quantity @ $15.00 (Cdn) per pin
Quantity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per pen
Quantity @ $15.00 (Cdn) per journal
Key Chain
Quantity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per key chain
Quantity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per mug
Baseball Cap
Quantity @ $20.00 (Cdn) per cap
House Sweater (unisex). Limited quantities available.
Quantity @ $30.00 (Cdn) per sweater
Sweatshirt Size  
Touchscreen Gloves Limited quantities available.
Quantity @ $10.00 (Cdn) per pair
'University of Toronto Schools 1910-2010' by Jack Batten`50
Quantity @ $15.00 (Cdn) per book
Recollections of a Neighbourhood: Huron-Sussex from UTS to Stop Spadina
Quantity @ $30.00 (Cdn) per book
Please note: Shipping will vary with the items purchased and the shipping location
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