Since 1975, TFS alumni have made a difference as individuals and citizens, be it through their professions or as community leaders, volunteers and philanthropists. Their unique bilingual and international TFS education has inspired them to realize outstanding achievements in a wide variety of fields and, as a result, they have had an impact in their local or national communities or in the world at large.

To recognize our outstanding alumni, the TFS Alumni Association introduced Le prix de distinction des anciens élèves de TFS, which is presented annually at the Reunion Dinner. In order to help us with nominations, we encourage you to reflect on alumni who stand out as role models representing the school's vision, mission, values and motto.

This nomination is being submitted for:

Alumni of Distinction
*The AoD recipient will be invited to be the featured speaker at the Alumni Reunion Dinner on
June 1, 2018.

Young Alumni Award (Class of '05 - '17)
*Presented to an alumnus/a who is 30 years of age and under. The recipient will be invited to the annual Alumni Reunion Dinner on June 1, 2018.

All members from the TFS community (alumni, parents and staff – past and present) are eligible to nominate a candidate. Nominations will be reviewed by the Alumni Recognition Committee, comprised of alumni and the Head of School. The final nominee and nominator will be contacted by February 2018.

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How do you know the nominee?

The Alumni Recognition Committee will make its decision based on the information provided on the nomination form. To best present your nominee, please provide answers to all or some of the prompts below.

1. Why do you think he/she is worthy of this recognition?

2. Briefly describe the nominee's accomplishments and in what way he/she is making an impact in the world.

3. Give an example in which the nominee has shown himself/herself to be a multilingual critical thinker who celebrates difference and/or trancends borders and/or strives for the betterment of humankind.

4. To what extent has the nominee demonstrated the TFS values of integrity, discernment, respect and/or engagement in his/her personal or professional life?

5. Can you share any examples showing that the nominee is an "individual who reflects" and/or "a citizen who acts"?

Your comments should be specific but brief.

Feel free to send any additional information that may assist the Alumni Recognition Committee to by the nomination deadline. This could be in the form of the nominee's CV, a one-page biography, letters of support, articles, special awards, media coverage or relevant web links, for example.

Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2017

For further information, please contact Verle Thompson at or 416-484-6980 ext. 4246

Thank you!
TFS Alumni Recognition Committee

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