Old Boys' Mentorship Program

Your Mentorship can make a Difference!

We are very excited at Selwyn House to offer three new mentorship programs that will involve Old Boys sharing their experiences and life-skills with the students at Selwyn House. 

Selwyn House Old Boys are an amazing group of incredibly talented individuals, and these programs will greatly benefit not only the students, but you as a mentor. You can make a difference.

Old Boys may participate in these programs either in-person or online. What this means is that SHS Old Boys in any of the 42 countries they are living in, can participate from their home or office and only need to commit about 30 minutes of their time. After a brief introduction, your presentation can be about 15-18 minutes long and then the Q&A with the students will take up the remaining time.

Program #1 – Post-Secondary Mentorship

This program will feature Old Boys currently at university to share their experiences in their specific field of study with students from Grades 10-11 in November 2016. The focus of this program is to get the Old Boys to elaborate on their experiences and then answer questions from the students.

Program #2 – Career Mentorship

This program will feature Old Boys actively employed to share their experiences in their specialty with senior students in April 2017. This program will be a Career Day style presentation where Old Boys will elaborate on their specialty and then answer questions from the students. The goal here is to offer a wide range of varied careers. 

Program #3 – Classroom Mentorship

This program is open throughout the school year and will feature Old Boys in the classroom sharing their knowledge and experiences about their field of expertise. For example: a journalist speaking to a class that is studying current events, researchers and scientists speaking to the various levels and types of science classes at Selwyn, graphic artists talking to the media classes about their work and most recent project. There are endless opportunities for Old Boys to be involved with all subjects.

You only need to register once for any of these opportunities. The online registration is below, and I encourage you to involve your classmates to register as well. It is the first year of these programs, and I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the opportunity to participate right-away, but I know that all of you have much to offer, and we hope to be able to get as much involvement as we can from you with our classes.

Register Here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.


James F. McMillan
Director of Advancement
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