Renew at Knox College

Renew at Knox College

A Continuing Education Event

November 11 to 16, 2013

Knox College, 59 St. George Street

Ministerial Leadership is both demanding and rewarding in this age of cynicism about institutions yet unprecedented spiritual hunger. Renew is a week-long event to stimulate reflection and dialogue and will feature the Laidlaw, MacDonald and Adams lectures. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear from Knox Faculty, participate in panel discussions, engage in worship and enjoy a Principal’s reception. 

Lectures will include:

  • The Robert Laidlaw Lecture – A Generous Orthodoxy and Christianity in a Multi-Faith World – with Brian McLaren 
  • The Ada Adams Lecture – Nuturing Young Children in a Changing Church – with David Csinos 
  • The Charles H. MacDonald Lecture – The Missionary Rebound – with Peter Bush 


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Monday, November 11 to Saturday, November 16, 2013
Monday -   Directed Study at Caven Library
Tuesday -   Fresh & Refreshed Ideas for Advent and Christmas + Theological, Biblical & Historical Perspectives with Knox Faculty
Wednesday -   Ada Adams Lecture "12 Ways for Nurturing Faith in Children" with David Csinos
Thursday -   Directed Work Study & Part I of the Robert Laidlaw Lecture, "Generous Orthodoxy" with Brian McLaren
Friday -   Part II of Robert Laidlaw Lecture - "Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World" with Brian McLaren
Saturday -   Charles H. MacDonald Lecture - "The Missionary Church" with Peter Bush
Course Registration Options
Full Week
Number of people @ $200.00 (Cdn) per person (HST included)
Current Knox Student
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Day Registration Options
Laidlaw Lecture (Thurs night & Friday)
Number of (people) @ $75 (Cdn) per (unit)
Number of (people) @ $50.00 (Cdn) per (person)
Number of (people) @ $50.00 (Cdn) per (person)
Number of (people) @ $50 (Cdn) per (person)
Number of (people) @ $50.00 (Cdn) per (person)
Number of (people) @ $50.00 (Cdn) per (person)
Number of (people) @ $50.00 (Cdn) per (person)
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