This September 27-29, reconnect and reminisce with friends old and new, sit in on classes, attend faculty and alumni workshops and presentations, enjoy receptions and class dinners, take tours of campus and the surrounding area, and revisit the beautiful Vermont landscape.


Vivian Lescher Werner ’43 Arjun Desai ’88 Rachel Shirk ’04
Penelope Perkins Wilson ’45 Erin Parish ’88 Chrissy Souder ’04
Barbara Ushkow Deane ’51 Rachel Schatz ’89  
Catharine Maloney ’05

Ruth Ring Harvie ’56

Tracy Katsky Boomer ’91 Shira  Sternberg ’05
Priscilla Alexander '58
Elizabeth Iarrapino Bellin ’92 Lawson Wulsin ’05
Terry Connelly Whiting '58
Amanda Spooner Frank ’92 Ariel  Herwitz ’06
Judith Schneider Bond '61
Jenny Chapin Woods ’92 David Anthony Perez ’06
Uliana Fischbein Gabara '61
Cinnamon Booth ’93 Sarah McAbee ’07
Rosalind Moger Bernheimer '62
Susie Felber ’93 Brian Pietras ’07
Jane Vance McCauley '62
Aaron Sylvan ’93 Suzanne Brundage ’08
Nancy Comstock Andrews '63
Maisie Todd Wallick ’93 Julie Moore ’08
Judith Selis Davidson '63
Brendan Frank ’94 Samantha Damon ’09
Arlene Heyman '63
Aryn Chapman ’95 Tambudzai Kudze ’10
Nina Pelikan Straus '64
Joanne Lembo ’95 Leah Hershkowitz ’11
Susan Paris Borden '69
David Anthony ’96 Henry Lyon ’11
Janis Pryor '71
Eben Moore ’96 Dmitri Glickman ’12
Alan Kornberg '74
James Simon ’97 Insiyah Mohammad ’12
Chris Boscia '87
Taliesin Thomas ’98 Lydia Viallon ’12

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See Who's Coming

Registration covers the weekend's events starting Friday at noon and concluding Sunday afternoon, including: Friday night's 5x7 exhibition and cocktail reception; breakfast passes to Commons on Saturday and Sunday; BBQ lunch on Saturday; Visual Arts Alumni/Faculty reception; class/decade dinner on Saturday; House luncheon on Sunday; and entrance to all performances, presentations, and classes.
Alumni and Guests
# of individuals @ $125.00 (US) per person
Recent Alumni (class years 2000-2012) and Guests
# of individuals @ $65.00 (US) per person
2013 Graduates and Guests
# of individuals @ $20.13 (US) per person
Are you planning on bringing children? There will be a children's hospitality suite throughout the weekend.
Children ages 12-18
# of children ages 12-18 @ $30.00 (US) per child
Children 11 and under attend free
# of children 11 and under @ $0 (US) per child
    I am interested in receiving more information about babysitters.
Please write your name as you would like it to appear on your name tag
Please provide your guest(s) name as you would like it to appear on their name tag .
The festivities this September will include a House Chair Reunion. If you were a House Chair and would like more information about this special gathering, please use the box below to tell us which house you chaired.
* Please note: If you are experiencing financial hardship but would like to attend Reunion, please call Marie Leahy, Director of Alumni Programs, at 802-440-4363 to discuss possible fee reductions.
Registration does not include lodging. For more information on local accommodations, learn more on our Reunion page under Accommodations.
The 5x7 Project
What would you do with 35 square inches? We provide a 5"x7" mat board, you provide the creativity. Works submitted by September 1 will be included in the weekend´┐Żs exhibition; contributions will be sold to support student scholarships. Please visit our 5X7 page to read FAQs about the 5x7 project.
    Yes, I would like to learn how to participate in the 5X7 project! Please send me more information.
To arrange ride shares with alumni from a metropolitan area please refer to All Class Reunion Facebook group or call the Alumni Relations office.
There will be complimentary shuttle service between area hotels and campus.
Friday, September 27 @ 1:15pm   Albany train/bus/airport to Bennington
# of individuals @ $15.00 (US) per person
Friday, September 27 @ 4:15pm   Albany train/bus/airport to Bennington
# of individuals @ $15.00 (US) per person
Saturday, September 28 @ 1:00pm   Bennington to Albany train/bus/airport
# of individuals @ $15.00 (US) per person
Sunday, September 29 @ 10:00 am   Bennington to Albany train/bus/airport
# of individuals @ $15.00 (US) per person
Sunday, September 29 @ 1:00 pm   Bennington to Albany train/bus/airport
# of individuals @ $15.00 (US) per person
Make a Gift
Yes, I would like to make a gift to The Bennington Fund.
I would like to make my gift in honor/memory of

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