RCYC Crew Bank 2014

The Crew Bank system helps Boat Owners find crew, and for Crew to find a ride on a boat.

Use it for finding placements for a single race (e.g. need someone for a Tuesday night?) or for longer term placements (e.g. looking for a ride all summer?)

  1. Create yourself an account (e.g. use REGISTER - Preference given to RCYC members)
  2. LOGIN from any computer (or a smartphone!) to:
    • Look through the current postings
    • Post your own request
    • Manage your posted requests
    • Manage your profile, including notification preferences for receipt of postings via e-mail.

Use the system, use it often, spread the word!

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"We picked up a new crew member last year who had negligible actual sailing experience, but came out of the “Learn-to-Crew” program.

She had a good handle on the fundamentals day one – she knew how to tie a bowline and dress a winch – as well as an overview of how the race would work. She very quickly became a key part of our team. As someone already a member of the RCYC, there were no issues with chits or crew passes. And she fully understood commitment – showed up more often than our regular crew. We would not hesitate to recommend “Learn-to-CREW” graduates to other skippers."

Felicity Clarke–Rodness, Skipper, S'Fida
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