System Features
Alumni / Mobile Directory
Parent / Student Directory
Secure On-Line Giving
Secure Recurring Donations
Secure Event Registration
Secure On-Line Store
MightyPledge Text//Pledge
NDImobilBID for silent auctions
May 28, 2014 - NDI launches NDImobilBID: bidding, billing and payment - the future of silent auctions.
Administrative Tools
System administrators retain editorial control of offsite content, biographical updates and management of all program content with a sophisticated, yet easy to learn tool set.

Like the other commerce modules, the Online Store can be set up as part of the two main directories, and priced accordingly, or can be obtained as a stand-alone unit.

This system allows the user to create a full-functioned web-based catalog and shopping function for school items, uniforms, text books and other school affinity items, complete with color images and full product descriptions. The number of items displayed is virtually limitless.

Using the same technology this virtual shopping experience has been designed to make on-line shopping easy with bill-to and ship-to addresses, gift message cards and payment using our unique secure credit card process.

By promoting this process to parents, alums and other groups this feature has the potential to improve school store performance and eliminates students carrying money or credit cards to school to pay for purchases.

The system allows the editor to set up the store, display the contents with photos and descriptions and organize special sales items and clearance merchandise.

This product can be set up in a matter of days with a simple link to your website as access.

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